CLSF (China Linux Storage & File System Workshop) is an effort to make local Linux kernel hackers get together to share and exchange ideas. CLSF is an invitation only workshop, in order to have effective communication, only a small group of people will be invited. Most of the invitees are active upstream Linux kernel developers locally from China, focus on I/O and storage sub-systems.

In 2009 Beijing (it was called BeijingLSF), it was one day; in 2010 Shanghai, people extended this event to 2 days and started to call it as CLSF. Since 2009, CLSF committee invites around 15~20 active Linux I/O and storage hackers (from China), and several guests from Industry (the companies or organizations build their storage products based on Linux), to sit together in a small room, discuss kernel development roadmap, challenges people working on, complain and feed back from development users.

Here are CLSF 2011 committee members (in lexicographic order)

Coly Li, Taobao

Fengguang Wu, Intel

Guangjun Xie, Baidu

Herbert Xu, Redhat

Jianfeng Gui, Fujitsu

Michael Fu, Intel

Shaohua Li, Intel

Tao Ma, Taobao

Zefan Li, Fujitsu

Now days, CLSF is a two days’ event, the venue might be any city inside China. In order to minimize travel cost for attendees, it is co-located with CLK (China Linux Kernel Developers Conference) and happens 1~2 days early. There is no registration fee for CLSF, if you want to sponsor this event, please contact CLSF committee.