People invited for CLSF2011

Finally we have a final invitation list for CLSF 2011, thank you for all your development activities in the past year !

Bo Liu (Fujitus),  Coly Li (Taobao),  Dongyang Li (SuSE),  Fengguang Wu (Intel),  Guangjun Xie (Baidu),  Jeff Liu(Oracle), Jianfeng Gui (Fujitsu), Jiaju Zhang (SuSE),  Robin Dong (Taobao),  Shaohua Li (Intel),  Tao Ma (Taobao),  Tao Peng (EMC),  Tiger Yang (Oracle),  Wengang Wang (Oracle),  Xie Miao (Fujitsu),  Ying Huang (Intel),  Yongqiang Yang,  Zheng Yan (Intel),  Zefan Li (Fujitsu)

The invitation will be sent before Oct 1st, we hope to see you all in Nanjing this year!


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